FBU warns council vote will lead to longer response times for Felixstowe residents


The FBU is warning Suffolk councillors they will today sound the death knell for full-time fire coverage in Felixstowe.

Members of the county council cabinet are expected to agree a measure that will see four firefighters remaining at the town’s station. The FBU is concerned these firefighters will only assist on-call firefighters in raising a crew – resulting in slower response times as on-call firefighters have to make their way to the station before climbing on board an engine.

Chair of Suffolk FBU Andy Vingoe said: “It’s the end for Felixstowe. Everyone in the fire service knows this is a foregone conclusion. The councillors will inevitably pass the recommendation, and Felixstowe as a community will undoubtedly suffer.

“We were told by the government, ‘no front-line cuts’ but how much more front-line can you get? This move is bad for business, it is bad for residents, and it is bad for visitors, all of which will wait longer for a fire engine when they desperately need one.

“No matter how this decision will be portrayed; it is the end of Suffolk County Council providing full-time and, therefore, guaranteed immediate fire service cover within the town.”

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