FBU members in England and Wales join POA in voting against government plans


Firefighters have voted to reject the government’s pensions proposals.

FBU members in England and Wales voted 90% against accepting the Local Government Pension Scheme, and 87% in favour of the union continuing to pressure the government into setting up a separate scheme for control members.

FBU general secretary Matt Wrack told UnionNews: “There is no doubt that the proposals are much improved on the earlier proposals and that was acknowledged by the union’s executive council in advice to members.

“However there are two key areas that remain a major concern for FBU members: the Normal Pension Age which will rise to 68 and probably  beyond is considered unworkable in a sector relying on permanent shift work for the vast majority.

“Secondly, the proposed combination of accrual rate and revaluation rate does not favour firefighters in control many of whom have careers in excess of 30 years. The proposed balance between the accrual rate and revaluation rate disadvantages LGPS members who have longer careers.

“The FBU will be discussing their issues with other trade unions involved as well as discussing the option of firefighters in control becoming part of a fire specific scheme.”

The FBU joins the POA in rejecting the government’s proposals. Members of the GMB and Napo voted to accept them, with results from UNISON and Unite expected this afternoon.


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