GMB activists have staged a protest outside a Next store in Brighton. Union says fashion chain pays apprentices just £2.60 per hour


GMB has accused the next clothing chain of making super-profits by exploiting teenage workers.

It comes as activists held the first of what officials say will be a series of protests at Next stores around the UK (pictured).

The company is due to release results tomorrow (12 September), which are expected to show a sharp increase in profits.

Last month, next advertised warehouse jobs in Yorkshire for as low as £4.42 per hour.

GMB says the retail chain was offering £2.60 per hour for apprentices.

The union is calling for the company to increase the wages of all next staff £7.20 per hour.

Speaking at the demonstration in Brighton, GMB regional secretary, Paul Maloney, told UnionNews: “The staff in here can’t afford to buy the clothes that they are selling.

“We’ve got a major donor to the Conservative party, who is promoting youth unemployment and minimum wage, but undermining people’s rights.

“The likes of next, GMB are on their case.”

Watch a film report of the protest here:

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