GMB says local services could be saved if councils collected tax properly


Total uncollected local taxes in England and Wales in 2010/11 amounted to £1.082 billion, according to the GMB.

The figures are from a new analysis by the union of official figures published by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

GMB general secretary Paul Kenny said: “It’s a scandal and a disgrace, at a time when vital services for our elderly and our children in our local communities are being slashed due to government cuts in funding that more than £1.082 billion in England and Wales is going uncollected in council tax and business rates.

“Feeble excuses about being unable to collect these taxes no longer wash.

“Urgent reforms to assist hard press council staff to collect these taxes are long overdue. It is high time that local and national politicians threw their weight behind GMB’s campaign for changes in the law relating to the way these taxes are collected rather than dismissing the GMB figures as distortions or exaggerations as many of them will do.”

Research also shows uncollected council taxes amounted to £612,458,780 England in 2010/11 and in the same period uncollected non domestic rates were £409,371,840 to give the total uncollected amount in of £1,021,830,620. For Wales uncollected council tax amounted to £36,743,000 while uncollected business rates totaled £23,299,866 to give a total figure of uncollected local taxes in Wales of £.60,042,866.

London has the highest uncollected local taxes in England and Wales with £239,610,000 uncollected. Next in the regional league in England is North West (£153,281,060 total uncollected), South East (£136,973,300 total uncollected), West Midlands (£102,855,860 total uncollected), Yorkshire and the Humber (£99,373,000 total uncollected), Eastern (£92,826,000 total uncollected), South West (£86,060,000 total uncollected), East Midlands (£67,566,400 total uncollected) and North East (£43,285,000 total uncollected).

Birmingham has the highest amount of uncollected taxes of any council in England and Wales at £33.2m. Next is Westminster £29.6m, Manchester £18.4m, Leeds £15.3m, Bradford £13.9m, Cardiff £13.3m, Barnet £13.1m, Sheffield £13.0m, Hammersmith and Fulham £12.7m, Suffolk £11.3m, Salford 310.5m and Bristol £10.3m.

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