Postal union believes Royal Mail should ‘celebrate achievements of our Paralympic athletes’ on equal footing with able bodied Olympians on Team GB


The postal workers’ union has joined calls for Royal Mail to include UK athletes who win gold at the Paralympics on its commemorative ‘next day’ stamps.

The CWU says Royal Mail has set a record of ‘amazing achievements’ during the London 2012 games – from the special stamps for Team GB winners, to painting pillar boxes gold in those athletes’ home towns – but that it should accord the same accolades to Paralympians.

Senior officials say, with the support of its workers, Royal Mail should be able to print next day stamps in the same way for the Paralympics.

Dave Ward, CWU deputy general secretary, said: “Royal Mail has done a fantastic job in celebrating the successes of Team GB through the next-day stamps and overnight gold post boxes.

“These efforts have caught the imagination of the public and helped to extend the excitement and celebration of the 2012 Games beyond London.

“We believe that the same treatment should be given to our Paralympic athletes.

“CWU is aware there are some potential logistical problems with producing next day stamps for the expected volume of gold medals in the Paralympics.

“However, if we work together in the spirit of the Olympics we think there should be a way of overcoming these issues and finding a way to celebrate the achievements of our Paralympic athletes in equality with our able bodied Olympians.

“Paralympians have overcome incredible injuries and disabilities in order to compete at the highest level of sport.

“There must be efforts that Royal Mail, with the support of its workers, can pursue to bring next-day stamps to celebrate their achievements.”

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