Union responds to Fabian Society report showing 60% of people think public services should be provided by the government


UNISON has branded the government ‘out of touch on public services’ following new research from the Fabian Society revealing that more than 60% of the public believe public services should be provided mainly or exclusively by the government.

The findings fly in the face of the coalition’s widely-criticised plans to introduce more private companies into the NHS and police.

Responding to the research, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Once again this government has demonstrated that they are out of touch on public services. The Fabian Society poll has shown that the public – those who rely on the NHS, the police force, and many other vital public services – do not want to see them run like businesses whose primary aim is to generate profits.

“This is yet more evidence that the public believe the best way to improve services is to involve the staff that run them, and the public who use them. It’s high time the government actually listened to what service providers and service users are saying, rather than doggedly pursuing an agenda that is rooted in ideology and simply does not work.”


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