GMB promises more protests are to come over company’s involvement in blacklisting scandal


Pic by Andrew Wiard

GMB members are today demonstrating at Carillion’s stand at the Labour Party conference in protest of the company’s involvement in the blacklisting scandal.

They are also angry at managers’ lack of action over the bullying at a Swindon hospital that has so far led to 21 days’ strike action. One of the protesters will be dressed as the Grim Reaper.

GMB regional secretary Paul Maloney said: “This protest is to highlight that none of the 3,213 workers blacklisted have had an apology or any compensation from employers like Carillion who blacklisted health and safety representatives. Indeed only 194 have been informed that they were blacklisted and the rest still don’t know.

“It is also to highlight the terrible toll of death and injury in the construction sector and to underline the importance of the proper enforcement of health and safety laws to prevent this carnage.

“Employers that kill and maim workers are as guilty of a crime as someone who kills or maims while drink driving.

“Carillion was part of a blacklisting conspiracy which deprived workers in the sector of jobs even when they raised concerns about the enforcement of basic health and safety and hygiene standards. The culture of corporate bullying endemic in Carillion has not been rooted out as we have seen at Swindon. This culture increases the risks of death and injuries on sites.

“Carillion who blacklisted workers have public sector contracts totaling more than £15 billion. They and the others need to be called to account by MPs and local councillors. They should get no more of the public work they are bidding for unless until they apologise and compensate those they blacklisted. They can expect protests like this till they do”.

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