RMT members ballot for strike action at Balfour Beatty after pensions grab

Tim Lezard

Balfour BeattyRMT members are to ballot for strike action at Balfour Beatty after the company threatened to sack its entire workforce if they refused to sign a new pensions deal.

The company is attempting take away future pension rights from more than 2,500 workers at the same time as bosses’ pensions and benefits soar through the roof.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The cash-led attack on pension rights at Balfour Beatty is yet another example of companies pulling the rug from under decent pensions in favour of inferior schemes that cost the company less and offer no guarantees on future rights. RMT is now preparing for a ballot for action amongst our members as part of the campaign to defend future pension rights at this giant construction company.

“Balfour Beatty have attempted to bulldoze these proposals through, with a gun at our members heads, with the minimum of notice and RMT will be looking to build a joint campaign with other unions who organise at the company to defend decent pension rights – up to and including the use of industrial action.

“This is a highly profitable company showing massive increases in profits and returns to shareholders as the boardroom is awash with cash and you can bet the wages, pensions and benefits at the top are still on the rise as the workforce is lined up for a pensions kicking.”


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