Unite cargo crew name two three-day strikes over pay


Summer holiday passengers flying from Heathrow airport could have their flights severely affected by striking cargo crew, Unite has warned.

Cargo staff working for Swissport Cargo Services will be taking two three-day strikes after the company have refused to discuss the pay claim for 2010/2011.

Passenger flights could be disrupted because the strikes will delay the cargo being put on the aircraft. The cargo has to be configured in a certain way before the aircraft can be cleared for take-off.

The big airlines that could be hit include Singapore and Korean airlines.

Unite’s 275 members at Swissport will strike from 6.30am on Wednesday, 27 June and ending at 6.29am on Saturday, 30 June – and then from 6.30am on Wednesday, 4 July and concluding at 6.29am on Saturday, 7 July.

Unite regional officer Kevin Hall said: “Swissport has continually refused to negotiate on a pay rise for the year 2010/2011.

“Our members, faced with rising household bills, have been driven to take this action which could be severely disruptive to flights at Heathrow, as the summer holiday season kicks off.

“Flights could be delayed as cargo on passenger flights has to be properly configured before the plane can take-off – if cargo and vehicles are in the wrong place because of the strike this is going to have adverse knock-on affects.

“Imports and exports of perishable goods, such as fruit and flowers, will also be hit.”

Unite represents cargo administrators, warehouse operatives and supervisors.


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