Ground-breaking agreement enhances job security, skills and health and safety


Leaders of the GMB and Asda’s distribution network have signed a national two-year agreement that will benefit colleagues in 20 Asda depots in England, Scotland and Wales.

The agreement will provide a national framework agreement for over 10,000 GMB members in employed in transport and warehouse operations in 20 Asda depots and comes after 14 months of negotiations and consolidates the constructive relationship that has developed between ASDA Distribution and GMB in recent years.

GMB members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the proposals in May, which offer Asda distribution workers greater job security as a result of improved productivity and efficiency in depots, as well as an industry leading focus on health and safety.

GMB general secretary Paul Kenny said: “This agreement represents a huge step forward in the progressive relationship between GMB and ASDA. The growing confidence in the benefits collective bargaining can bring to productivity, staff retention, growth and positive and stable industrial relations is there for all to see following all the hard work of all the parties involved over the past few years.

We have laid solid foundations and we must now work to build on this agreement which is a great success story for ASDA and GMB”

Ian Stansfield, Director of Distribution at Asda said; “This is a ground breaking agreement that brings our practices up to date and creates the framework for the way Asda Distribution and GMB will work together. It secures jobs, supports growth and ensures our operation is a efficient as possible at a time when our customers are relying on us more than ever to save them money everyday. More importantly, this agreement is based on solid foundations built in recent years and I look forward to a strong and productive relationship with the GMB.”

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer for ASDA, said “This agreement is truly ground breaking and historic. The agreement delivers a new relationship of working together to enhance the job security of GMB members, enhances their skills and has created a benchmark in terms of health and safety that will move standards in this highly complex logistics sector where safety is paramount to new levels.”

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