GMB, UNISON and Unite accept deal despite reservations over lack of rise for those earning more than £21,000


Unions representing 70,000 police staff in England and Wales have confirmed members have voted to accept a two-year pay offer covering 2011 and 2012.

GMB, UNISON and Unite have notified the national police employers of the decision, which means police staff paid at or below £21,000 pa on at 1 September 2011 will receive a non-pensionable, non-consolidated payment of £250 (pro-rata for part timers) while staff paid at or below £21,000 pa on 1 September 2012 will receive a consolidated increase in their salary point of £250.

GMB national officer for police staff Sharon Holder said: “GMB is disappointed that the offer contained nothing for members earning over £21,000, but recommended the offer as the best achievable by negotiation in very difficult negotiating circumstances.

In effect, the police employers have strictly followed the government’s public sector pay policy for 2011 and 2012, which states that public sector workers earning over £21,000 should receive no pay rise at all. The government’s savage 20% cuts to police budgets were also a major influence on the employers’ negotiating position.

All three unions are determined to work on behalf of all our police staff members, regardless of income, when looking forward to next year’s pay negotiations.But for the time being, we reflect positively that lower paid police staff, at least, have secured a consolidated pay rise in the second year of this deal, taking the lowest salary point in police forces to £14,779.”

UNISON National Officer for Police and Justice staff Ben Priestley said: “Although UNISON recommended the offer to police staff, they are being hard hit the government’s pay freeze.

“It is disappointing that the offer contained nothing for our members earning over £21,000. Police staff are a vital part of the policing team and many are struggling to cope with rising prices.

“Whilst the £250 for each year is a small relief, the cost of everyday essentials such as food, fuel and energy have gone up hugely over the past two years and that means a significant drop in the standard of living for police staff.

“After such a long wait, we are urging police forces to do the right thing and pay the deal as soon as possible.”

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