MPs, MSPs, AMs and councillors refuse to cross picket lines, saying they are standing with strikers against the government


Dozens of Labour MPs and councillors from across the UK have pledged their support for tomorrow’s strikes, stating they will cross picket lines.

While Labour leader Ed Miliband has said the strikes are “a sign of failure”, thousands of ordinary Labour members will be backing public sector workers in their dispute with the government. In Scotland all Labour MSPs have pledged their support and will not cross picket lines at Holyrood. Likewise Labour AMs in Wales will not cross picket lines at Cardiff Bay.

Chair of the Labour Representation Committee John McDonnell MP said: “We expect Labour MPs and councillors to stand in solidarity with trade union members striking tomorrow.

“The public and Labour Party members especially are behind these strikes and expect Labour politicians to back our fellow trade unionists. There can be no ifs or buts on this one.”

Islington Labour councillor Charlynne Pullen said: “On 30 November I will be standing side by side with council officers as they take strike action against a government that is proposing to slash their pensions and is refusing to engage in meaningful negotiations.”

Broxtowe Labour councillor and co-ordinator of LRC Councillors’ Network Greg Marshall said: “I give full unconditional support for those taking strike action. This government is attacking the terms and conditions of ordinary workers who deliver our public services, in order to finance the reckless behaviour of the bankers. People understand that these attacks are not fair. I oppose all cuts to jobs and services and will stand alongside those in order to defend them.

“The Labour Party still remains the party best placed to represent the interests of the working class  – we were of course founded to give ordinary people a political voice. We should be firmly standing in solidarity with those taking action against the Tory led attacks on pensions.”

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