Campaign aims to build awareness about the essential services they provide


UNISON members working in local government are today being urged to get tweeting to help to raise the profile of the full range of local services they provide for the public.

The #OurDay tweetathon has been launched by the Local Government Association in England and Wales.

The LGA says many residents may not realise that local government is responsible for providing hundreds of services other than fixing local roads and picking up the bins, including making sure restaurants are following food safety rules to serving school meals and caring for the elderly in their homes.

While some councils are cutting and privatising services out of ideology, many more are struggling on to continue providing services.

Building awareness of the range of services provided by councils, and how essential they are, was a key part of Edinburgh UNISON’s anti-privatisation campaign and features in Barnet UNISON’s struggle against wholesale sell-offs.

The aim of the Tweetathon is for staff and councillors to tell the public what they are doing and what service they are providing over the 24 hours period on Thursday.

UNISON members can help to spread the message about just what valuable work they do across the extraordinary variety of services that local government provides.

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