Union supports out-of-pocket workers laid off during Queen’s two-day visit to Leeds


UCATT is calling for 20 construction workers to be recompensed after they were left out of pocket following the Queen’s recent visit to Leeds.

Leeds Arena was closed during the monarch’s visit on July 19th – and the day before – with principal contractor Bam temporarily transferring most workers to other sites or paying them even though they were not working.

But UCATT has learned around 20 workers for one of the main sub-contractors GKRC (GR Kilmartins Construction) were not offered other work and received no payment – believed to be £100 a day – for either of the days the site was closed.

Rob Morris, Acting Regional Secretary for UCATT Yorkshire, said: “It was an honour for the Queen to visit the site. Therefore it is deeply unfair that a group of workers should lose out financially because of this visit. The company involved should pay the workers the money that they should have received.”

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