Talks to take place with managers, even as GMB members take action


GMB members at Cranswick Country Foods in East Yorskhire are today taking the first of two day’s strike action over the imposition of a 20% pay cut.

Talks with managers have been scheduled for 11am today, but in the meantime the union’s 80 members at the meat processing plant will be on the picket lines. They also plan to strike tomorrow.

GMB regional officer Dave Oglesby said: “We hope talks with the company today will be meaningful so as to resolve this dispute. These GMB members now face a wage cut of more than 20% even though they have not had a pay rise for eight years- a period during which the RPI increased by 42%.

“These levels of cuts in living standards are simply not tolerable nor economically justified. GMB members are totally dissatisfied with the way they were being treated by the company.

“Cranswick issued notice to GMB members to terminate their contracts of employment and re-engage them on far inferior terms. This is not acceptable. It is this which has led to this dispute.”

Cranswick Country Foods has contracts with Simply Sausages, Weight Watchers, Jamie Oliver and Reggae Reggae.

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