Rail union plans campaigns over rail fares and re-nationalisation to expose hypocrisy of Tory MPs


Tory MPs are being targeted by the RMT as it takes campaigns over rail fares and re-nationalisation into marginal constituencies this autumn.

The union is drawing up plans to hit main rail stations in marginal seats exposing the hypocrisy of politicians who have previously voted against a tighter cap on fares while supporting the continuing exploitation and greed of the train operating companies.

RMT will also be working with sister unions and commuter groups to take the fight to the main party conferences in a few weeks time as the issue of rail fares and the great rail robbery moves towards the top of the domestic political agenda.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “This weekend we have seen right-wing Tories, Lib Dems and the rest of the political elite emerging from their holiday villas to shout the odds as the public backlash in their own constituencies forces them out into the open and RMT now intends to keep the pressure on right through to the fares increase day in January.

“This is Tory and Lib Dem Home Counties and marginal MPs fighting to save their political skins over fare increases while still supporting their governments policy on privatisation that is at the root of this rail rip off and while giving their backing to the McNulty Review’s attack on jobs and services. This bunch of hypocrites deserve a one way ticket to political oblivion and not a single one of them will have a chance to wriggle off the hook as we take the campaign to their doorsteps throughout the autumn.”

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