Register and factsheet aim to reassure teachers, parents and pupils over exposure to asbestos


The NASUWT and Thompsons Solicitors have set up a register to assist those worried about exposure to asbestos in Welsh schools.

The move follows the closure of Cwmcarn High School after the discovery of asbestos, and the subsequent announcement by Education Minister Leighton Andrews that asbestos levels in all Welsh schools should be checked.

The new asbestos register will help people in the event they ever develop an asbestos-related disease. It will also be used to keep those who register up-to-date on changes to the law on potential compensation claims.

A questionnaire is being issued to teachers. Those worried about exposure are being encouraged to contact the NASUWT. Other school employees and parents can find more information here or here.

The NASUWT and Thompsons Solicitors have also produced a factsheet ‘Asbestos in Welsh Schools: what to do if you’re worried about exposure to asbestos’.

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said: “Nothing is more important than the health and welfare of the children and young people in our schools and the staff who work in them.  We have welcomed the fact that the Welsh government is taking this potentially life-threatening situation seriously.”

NASUWT Cymru Organiser Rex Phillips said: “We understand that there will be many anxious staff and parents across Wales and our priority now is to provide our members with practical advice and support.”

Amanda Jones from Thompsons Solicitors in Wales said: “The creation of this register and the publication of the factsheet is designed to reassure staff and parents who are worried about exposure to asbestos that help and guidance is to hand.

“Some organisations will try to scaremonger, but it’s important to understand that not everyone who is exposed to asbestos goes on to develop an illness as a result. There are many people who have been exposed to asbestos in the past who have never suffered any health problems.”

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