GMB members told they will lose their jobs if they do not fund increased costs themselves


Low-paid Nestle caterers being transferred from one office to another have been told they will be sacked unless they meet the £2,530 travel costs themselves.

The seven GMB members, mostly women with childcare responsibilities, are the only workers out of 800 on site who have not been offered help with the additional travel costs, or have not been offered a severance plan funded by Nestle.

The union is now seeking an agreement to cover the additional travel costs when the staff move offices from Croydon to Gatwick on October 1st.

GMB organising officer Nick Day said: “Nestles and others are playing a game of passing the corporate parcel here.

“Nestle are transferring the catering contract at the Nestle office from ISS Ltd to Baxter Storey on the same date as when 800 Nestle staff at Croydon move to the new office at Gatwick. Nestle has tried to wash it’s hand of what happens to the catering workers as if their decision to move offices and change contractor has nothing to do with them.

“ISS Ltd say the Nestle catering staff will be TUPE transferred to Baxter Storey and become employees of that company from 1st October.

“Baxter Storey has told the employees that if they do not fund the extra travel costs of £2,530 per year themselves they will be dismissed without redundancy pay. They completely ignore the additional travel time which will also affect working parents with child care responsibilities.

GMB and the staff have contacted Baxter Storey seeking an urgent meeting todiscuss the impending move but no response has yet been received. Baxter Storey needs to meet with us as a matter of urgency to resolve this situation.

“It is an absolute disgrace that Nestle is party to a plan whereby low paid women workers are to be moved to a site 20 miles away at a cost to themselves of over £2,530 per year as well as incurring childcare cost due to the extra travel time.

“Nestle has make enough funds available in the contract that will enable our members to continue to cater for their 800 staff. If they do not so GMB will join them to the tribunal claims in this blatant case of discrimination, unfair selection and unfair dismissal.”

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