Union welcomes guidelines but says more should be done to prevent attacks in the first place


The CWU has welcomed the publication of guidance on sentencing the owners of dangerous dogs, but says that a change in the law is needed to get the full benefit.

Dave Joyce, the union’s health, safety and environment officer, said: “We warmly welcome today’s publication of sentencing guidelines on dangerous dogs.

“There wasn’t – and never has been – any guidance on sentencing for dangerous dog related crime. We’ve pointed this out in our Bite Back campaign because the lack of guidance was leading to inconsistent and inadequate sentences.

“We still need a change in the law to get the full benefit of this change in sentencing as this will only apply to successful prosecutions, of which there are still far too few in relation to the number of dog attacks.

“Thousands of innocent people – including young children and postal workers – are being attacked by dogs every year. The change in sentencing is welcome but much more needs to be done to prevent attacks from happening in the first place and to encourage more responsible dog ownership.”

* More information about the Bite Back campaign can be found here.


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