GMB members demonstrate outside Manchester store


GMB protest outside Next in Brighton in September

GMB members are today demonstrating outside the Next store in Manchester to support the call for the company to increase the wages of staff .

The company recently forecast profits to rise by as much as £15m to make profits of up to £620m, so the union is calling for staff to be paid a living wage of £7.20 per hour.

GMB regional secretary Paul McCarthy said “It is a scandal that Next should be paying minimum wages and that some apprentices are paid £2.60 per hour when they are making such huge profits.

“There is no excuse for this absolute greed. Figures published today by GMB demonstrate that that Next are amongst the worst offenders in the retail sector for low pay and high profits and there is a link between the two.

“GMB calls on Next to pay their staff a living wage of £7.20 per hour which they can easily afford and allow their staff a decent quality of life. This would help reflate the economy as well.”

At Labour Party Conference this week GMB published an analysis of profits and wages in the retail sector. This showed that Next makes super profits of 17.5p per £ spent in the shops while average wages for staff are less than £9,571 per worker per year.

Next was the Olympic supplier of clothing. It has nearly 50,000 employees at over 500 stores, call centres and warehouses in the UK and Ireland. This is the second demo by GMB members after the first demonstration at Brighton on 11th September.

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