Union joins schools and councils in challenging exam boards


The NUT is launching legal action against Ofqual and exam boards AQA and Edexcel in England over this year’s English GCSE fiasco.

The union is part of a coalition of councils, schools, unions and professional bodies challenging the huge injustice suffered by many pupils, teachers and schools.

Letters have been sent setting out the failures of the bodies concerned. They have been given seven days to respond. Failing a satisfactory response they face legal proceedings in judicial review. The claimants   to the proposed action seek that those who took GCSE examinations in June 2012 be treated in the same way as those who took the examinations in January 2012.

NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: “There is now not a shadow of a doubt that this years GCSEs grade boundaries were changed without warning half way through the school year purely out of a fear that too many pupils were succeeding. This is purely and simply political manipulation. Educational achievement and success is not something this or any government should be allowed to limit.

“The Education Secretary’s position of indifference is now untenable. The Welsh government has acted in a wholly appropriate manner and ordered a regrade of the exams affected. It is time this government followed suit.

“We look forward to Ofqual and the exam boards’ responses. This is an issue that we cannot let be swept under the carpet. The case has to be made for those students and schools who have been cheated of the grades for which they worked so hard”.

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