Extremists on both sides are trying to provoke a clash of civilisations, a division between Self and Other. We need to resist them and expose their hypocrisy. This is a tale of the Others, a cartoon and… the Samaras!

It all began with a cartoon, one could argue. Yes, indeed it’s one of these stories that the Other is attacking the West as if the West never exploited or destroyed the Other. To be fair to the Other, I must note that their extremists, throughout history, were, and still are, powered by the West; these extremists are attacking the Others every day as well and have proven to be a Frankenstein’s monster. Don’t ask me about their creators, you can guess them quite easily; just search for the word ‘colonisers’ and then the ‘war on terror’ doctrine.

In fairness to the Westerners killed, I must note that they were all extremely important people; important because, simply, they were trying through their work to make us understand that religions are, in fact, deepening the gaps between different people. In my opinion, and despite the fact that I do respect religious people, it’s time to move on. It’s time to leave aside what is separating us and accept each other. I know, it’s easy for me to say so, yet, the ‘divide and rule’ power game can only destroy all of us in the end: the West and the Other.

Anyhow, I will stop philosophising. I am a Greek and, unfortunately, cannot but think of our soon-to-be-ex prime minister Antonis Samaras. He was the only one to exploit the whole incident in Paris for his electoral campaign; starved for power and desperate to win the elections, he linked the Charlie Hebdo massacre to SYRIZA’s proposed immigration policies in Greece. French newspapers and media in general, were very accurate in what they wrote against him; as soon as they realised what this man said. Note, please, that he has an extreme ideology when it comes to different people, as these extremists do.

It would have been a laughable act by Samaras if people weren’t dead. The problem though is that such actions are dangerous and the people in Paris were killed twice.

Once by their real killers and a second time by the Samaras and Westernern hypocrites like him.

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