UNISON says local election results show the country reject the Coalition’s austerity politics


UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis, said the Tories and Lib Dems are “paying the price for inflicting their no hope austerity policies on Britain”.

Speaking after Labour won more than 700 council seats in yesterday’s elections, Dave Prentis said: “For every day that the Coalition has been in power 625 jobs have been axed from our public services, bringing misery to hundreds and thousands of families.

“The voting results today show that the country has had enough of the Coalition’s austerity Britain.  Enough of no-hope, dead-end policies that have dragged the country back into recession.

“And voters have said a massive no to drastic cuts to vital council services such as libraries, leisure centres, day care centres for the elderly, careers advice for our young people and the closing of sure start centres.

“The government should listen to voters who are saying loud and clear that it is time to change tack. We need a government that will stimulate growth and get people back to work with the confidence to spend so we stimulate the economy and keep local shops and businesses going.”

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