Unions believe Japanese takeover will lead to jobs in construction, manufacturing and supply chain


Prospect and Unite have welcomed the news plans to build two nuclear reactors appear to be back on track.

Commenting on today’s announcement that the Hitachi /SNC-Lavalin consortium has successfully bid for Horizon Nuclear Power, the company wanting to build reactors in Wales and South Gloucestershire, Prospect’s general secretary designate Mike Clancy said: “The successful bid by the Hitachi /SNC-Lavalin consortium sees a new entrant to the UK nuclear industry and demonstrates its faith in the economic promise the UK nuclear market offers both commerce and the economy as a whole.

“The Horizon venture is an important milestone in securing future low-carbon energy generation capacity within the UK and its importance to local and national economies cannot be overstated.

“While Hitachi’s Advanced Boiling Water Reactor design has yet to undergo the UK’s generic design assessment approval process, it is a proven technology and therefore any construction in the UK will benefit from lessons learned from its construction in Japan.

“We look forward to working with the company and share a common goal of looking to make the Horizon venture a success which will see the creation of a new wave of jobs in construction, manufacturing and the supply chain, support services and long-term operational roles that will result in high-value, highly skilled employment for decades to come.”

Unite national officer Kevin Coyne said: “This is good news for the UK nuclear industry, for jobs and for a low carbon future. There are massive job opportunities here in the UK and we urge Hitachi to maximise the UK supply chain.

“At a time when Britain’s economy is struggling to grow and good jobs are scarce it is hugely important that the players entering the UK energy sector ensure that all parties involved throughout in this project commit to good quality direct employment that benefits local communities, apprenticeships and skills – especially for young people.”

Horizon was put up for sale by joint owners E.On and RWE npower in March, after a decision by the German government to pull out of domestic nuclear power production.

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