TSSA says government has turned railway into rich man’s toy


Tens of thousands of commuters will be forced to pay over £5,000 a year for their season tickets with fares now rising twice as fast as inflation, the TSSA revealed today.

According to a union survey, Home Counties travellers into London will from January be forking out over £100 a week just to get to work.

Commuters from Bedford in the north to Battle in the South, Manningtree in the east and Newbury in the west will all be paying over £5,000 a year with another inflation busting rise of 5% due in 2014 on top of next January’s.

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: “Justine Greening seems determined to prove her predecessor Philip Hammond right and turn the railways into a rich man’s toy. It’s a complete nonsense to say fares have to rise above inflation every year to pay for new rail projects.

“Air travellers don’t pay higher taxes to get new runways built and motorists certainly don’t pay more for new roads. Why should rail passengers be singled out to pay for new lines?

“This is all about squeezing a captive audience, the commuter, until the pips squeak. It is little more than daylight robbery.”

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