GMB members are angry at imposition of new terms that create two-tier workforce


Refuse collectors in Wiltshire are today on strike over cuts in pay and conditions.

The GMB members working for FOCSA Services Uk Ltd in Trowbridge begin the first of two days strike action this morning. The second date is scheduled for June 6th.

The company unilaterally imposed cuts in the rates of pay which are £1.50 per hour lower for new employees compared to the agreed rates of pay. New employees will also get up to 7 days per year less holidays and will get no sick pay.

FOCSA Services UK imposed these worse terms for new starters without consultation or agreement with GMB from October 2011. The company has rejected all attempts by GMB since then to resolve the dispute by negotiations.

GMB regional officer Andy Prendergast said: “This strike action by these GMB members  is a last resort because FOCSA having unilaterally imposed these cuts hasn’t been willing to put enough on the table to allow us to come to terms with them.

“GMB members employed by the public to provide these services should not be asked or be expected to accept a two tier workforce. FOCSA is part of a major profitable and rich parent company based in Spain and it should know better than to have two workers doing the same job in the UK but for different rates of pay.”

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