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Aslıcan Orhan

Aslıcan Orhan

We speak to Aslıcan Orhan of Turkish Airlines union Hava-Is about the Reinstate 305 campaign.

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Turkish union Hava-Is is in dispute with Turkish Airlines (THY) and the Turkish Government. This has been ongoing since May 15 2013, when Turkish Airlines management refused all demands, including wage increases and health and safety issues.

In addition to this, THY callously sacked 305 employees by phone, text or email when they protested against the removal of their rights.

The first day of the strike say a heavy police presence at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Heavily armed riot police with tear gas were used to intimidate workers and prevent them from joining the action. In addition, the company sent threatening messages to all employees.

Despite this, 2,000 workers joined the demonstrations that day, out of 16,000 employed by THY.

Hava-Is is fighting to have the company agree to its wage and other demands. It is also fighting to have the 305 workers who were sacked for taking protest action reinstated.

Hava-Is has been supported in this by the ITF and unions around the world, who have offered solidarity and held protests and demonstrations.

New York City protest in support of Hava-Is

New York City protest in support of Hava-Is

Get your union to support Hava-Is too.

Hava-Is needs support from Turkish Airlines passengers, too.



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