Union officials to meet with London Midland to save ticket office jobs


RMT representatives will today meet with London Midland to demand assurances on jobs after the government gave the train operator the green light to plough on with a mass carve-up of ticket offices across the franchise.

Although the campaign of opposition, led by RMT and disability groups, has forced some minor paper concessions from the government, the revised package will still see four offices closed entirely with reductions in opening hours at 80 others, including all day closures.

The union is concerned this will allow London Midland to get away with their drive for a “faceless railway” to boost their profits.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The government’s changes to the original London Midland demands are pure window dressing and our local reps say they will leave some of the busiest stations unstaffed at key times and may even put more jobs at risk.

“They have clearly been designed by someone who doesn’t know or understand the London Midland services and who frankly could not care less about the impact.

“We will meet the company at lunchtime in emergency session with a clear demand of no compulsory redundancies and a reversal of this ill-conceived and dangerous plan that will turn the railways into a no-go zone for the elderly, disabled and women and a muggers paradise for the rest who venture onto the unstaffed stations.

“We will announce our next course of action once we have met the company today.”

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