Cleaners, security staff and train dispatchers take action over sub-inflation pay offer


CLEANERS, security staff and train dispatchers on the Trans-Pennine Express are today on strike after  bosses refused to budge from a sub-inflation pay offer.

The RMT members, employed by Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services, have already taken strike action over an ‘offer’ that would inflict a real-terms pay cut on already low-paid staff, and are to strike for 24 hours.

A two-week overtime and rest-day working ban will follow from Saturday after the company failed to budge from its position and turned down an offer of talks at conciliation service Acas.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “Carlisle has had ample opportunity to settle this dispute, but the company has continued to treat our members with contempt by attempting to impose another effective pay cut.

“Our members’ solid strike action last month brought Carlisle back to the table but it failed to table any improvement in its offer.

“Our members on this contract suffer some of the worst conditions in the industry, with no sick-pay, no paid meal breaks and no enhanced pay rates for working overtime, nights, weekends or even bank holidays.

“For a company that boasts about its commitment to service its attitude to our members is unacceptable, and its attempt to make low-paid workers subsidise its profits is beneath contempt.

“Carlisle knows that RMT is ready to talk, but the company needs to recognise our members’ anger and accept that it needs to make a positive move towards us.”

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