Transport for London staff at travel information centres, Oystercard, lost property and customer services take action


RMT members working directly for Transport for London are today taking strike action over Olympic working conditions.

The union successfully negotiated bonus payments for members working for transport companies in the capital during the Games, but TfL have refused to offer any kind of recognition and reward for the increase in workload and pressure upon their staff. The company also attempted to impose changes to working conditions and a unilateral ban on annual leave in some departments.

In a bid to avert strike action by members at Travel Information Centres, Oystercard, lost property and customer services, TfL yesterday offered the possibility of limited annual leave in some areas but RMT say this is too little too late.

A spokesperson said: “Staff have already been forced to make other arrangements, and due to management’s previous contempt shown for the staff in being unwilling to discuss the matter and their refusal to go to ACAS, if anything this offer has angered the staff even more.”

In a move that further angered staff, senior management at TfL diverted their Olympic delivery funding to privately-run call centres in Scotland (Journey Call) and Northampton (Novacroft).

The spokesperson said: “This is hundreds of thousands of pounds that could have been used to reward the staff in dispute. This is at the same time that the top seven staff at TfL are in line for a share of £560,000 if the system runs smoothly during the Games. This smooth running will be achieved on the backs of the hard working RMT members and others who are being treated in this contemptible manner.”

* There will be a demonstration at Windsor House, Victoria Street SW1 at 08.30am. All supporters are welcome.

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