RMT says it will “take appropriate action” if safety is comprised by extra numbers underground


The RMT has hinted it will close down London’s underground network on Friday if it becomes over-crowded as a result of the Unite bus drivers’ strike.

Unite members are taking action because they are the only transport workers not to receive an Olympic bonus of at least £500 for copying with the extra workload during the Games.

Now the RMT has warned of a “massive impact” on services on Friday as millions of passengers try to find alternative means of travel.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “We have deep concerns about the safety implications of trying to cram millions of extra journeys into a system creaking at the seams and our safety reps will be monitoring the situation closely on Friday. Any threat to staff and passenger safety and we will of course take the appropriate action.”

Earlier this week, Central Line underground services were again reduced to chaos due to a signal failure at Liverpool Street as the harsh reality that the network can barely cope with routine demand after successive waves of cuts to maintenance and staffing, let alone a surge in passenger numbers from either the bus workers action or the Olympics, was laid bare.

Bob Crow said: “Let me make this clear from the start – we stand 100% alongside our brothers and sisters on the buses and it is a scandal that this group of fellow transport workers have been kicked in the teeth by TFL and the bus companies when it comes to a fair reward for the extra work load generated by the Olympics.

“Londoners will also be well aware that the Tube and trains can barely cope with routine demand after successive rounds of cuts and profiteering and there is no doubt that the bus workers perfectly justified action will impact across the board and passengers need to be aware of that.”


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