Union rejects ‘insulting’ 1.3% pay offer and prepares for strike action


RMT members on the Tyne and Wear Metro are next week to ballot for strike action over pay.

The ballot comes after extensive talks with the operating company DB Regio failed to produce a realistic offer this year on pay and conditions.

The company has come up with a pitiful offer that amounts to 1.3%, way below the current rate of inflation and a de facto pay cut for staff at the heart of transport services across the North East.

Strike action on Tyne and Wear Metro last autumn during the pension’s dispute led to a 100% shutdown of services.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “In the face of this insulting 1.3% offer from the company we have no option but to ballot for action in defence of our member’s standard of living. It wasn’t transport workers who created this economic crisis and we will not sit back and wait for our members to take the hit in their pockets.

“All we are seeking is pay justice on Tyne and Wear Metro and the ballot to secure that will begin next Tuesday and will close on the 22nd May.

“The company should be well aware of the anger amongst the workforce at this attack on pay and conditions and would be well advised to get back into serious and meaningful talks with us as a matter of urgency.”

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