Union says cuts to maintenance and staffing increase safety risks for Tube travellers

Tim Lezard

TubeThe RMT has said cuts to maintenance and staffing will only increase the risk for Tube travellers, after it was announced the Jubilee Line will be closed for 30 days over the next two years because acidic water is damaging the tunnel walls.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “This is another blast of bad news to hit Jubilee Line users after the repeated problems with the fleet and the automated operating system.

“Once again, the news of these shut downs on the Jubilee Line reinforces RMT’s demand to maintain and expand engineering and maintenance capacity across the tube network against the current background of cuts that leaves us dangerously exposed.

“The reality is that tunnels deep under London are always going to be at risk of damage and decay from a variety of sources and if it’s the Jubilee Line now there is nothing to say it won’t be other parts of the system tomorrow.

“Foolhardy cuts to maintenance and staffing do nothing other than increase risks and leave us facing crisis situations for want of taking preventative measures earlier on.”


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