As 20th trust signs up to deal in South West England, union warns pay will nosedive and patient care will suffer


The South West NHS pay cartel must be stopped, and stopped now, UNISON has said.

The union is warning NHS Trusts in the South West that they risk triggering a domino effect that will compromise patient safety and drive down wages on a national scale, if they push ahead with the pay cartel.

As it emerged that Devon Partnership NHS Trust is the latest trust to sign up to the cartel, bringing the total to 20, the union warned that the move threatens national negotiations on Agenda to Change, the NHS pay bargaining system.

UNISON head of health Christina McAnea said: “This pay cartel is paving the way to poorer wages for their staff, poorer treatment for their patients and a ripple effect that will damage already depressed economies in the South West.

“Agenda for Change is the result of years of hard work between NHS employers and UNISON.  If the employers want to talk to UNISON about making changes to Agenda for Change, they will need to talk to this rogue cartel first.

“The national implications are impossible to ignore. We made our views clear in Poole last week, and we will continue to fight this pay cartel until it is derailed.”

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