RMY members vote overwhelmingly in favour of strike action over attack on pensions


RMT members on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary might be joining the Mass Day of Action on November 30th.

Members voted by large margins for strike action and action short of a strike in the dispute over pensions. In the ballot around 60% voted for strike action and 80% for action short of a strike.

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary services the Royal Naval fleet around the world.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The Royal Fleet Auxiliary services the Royal Navy in times of both war and peace. It is nothing short of a scandal that brave men and women who risk their lives to get supplies through to the ships in war zones around the world are facing an attack on their pensions by this government to help bail out the bankers-led financial crisis.

“Only this morning we learn that top bankers salaries have risen by 12% while the men and women out on the high seas in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary are expected to stand back and watch their pensions that they have built up down the years take a battering.”

RMT national secretary Steve Todd said: “Our members at the Royal Fleet Auxiliary are angry about this attack on their pensions that would see them pay more, work longer and get less and that anger is reflected in this vote for strike action and action short of a strike.

“We are calling upon the government even at this late stage in the run up to the 30th November to think again and haul back from a position that would see loyal public servants like the RFA staff footing the bill for a crisis cooked up in the boardrooms and on the trading floors of the spivs and the speculators.”

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