Unite launches video to encourage to join October 20th March for a Future That Works


Almost 15% of children regularly go without a hot meal and food banks are on the increase, reveals a new film launched by Unite.

The film, Squeezed Britain, produced in the run-up to the TUC’s Future That Works march on October 20th, comes the day after George Osborne outlined plans to cut a further £10 billion from benefits and tax credits, plunging the poor and the vulnerable further into poverty.

Using illustrations and cut out people, the film shows the devastating impact the government’s brutal cuts are having on ordinary working people and how they are being forced to borrow £325 a month to pay for essentials, such as food and housing.

The film shows how working people are hurting, as George Osborne in his speech to Tory conference, signalled further attacks on poor families and young people with cuts to child benefits and housing benefits for young people.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “George Osborne’s repetition of ‘we are all in this together’ is an insult to millions of families struggling to make ends meet and meaningless to the one in seven children who regularly go without a hot meal. His cuts will turn decent people into desperate people.

“Osborne needs to look the mothers and fathers of hard pressed families in the eye and explain why he is cutting their services and working benefits, as he writes out £40,000 cheques to his millionaire chums.

“His vision of ‘One Nation’ is to pick the pockets of ordinary working people and push young people into a life of homelessness, while giving tax cuts to the rich and letting the bankers in the City luxuriate in £13 billion of bonuses.

“This shameful government with its failed economic policies has set us on a path to poverty where the hopes of decent people are crushed. It is time to stand up and say, ‘No’ and join the march on 20 October for a future that works.”

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