GMB members at Imperial Tobacco are to take industrial action after employer pass on parking fee to employees


GMB members at Imperial Tobacco are next week working to rule after their employer charged them £300 to park at work.

The fee has been imposed on the company by Nottingham City Council, but Imperial Tobacco has elected to pass the cost to its staff rather than pay it itself.

GMB regional organiser Chris Needham said: “The company is adamant it is going to pass on this workplace car parking levy of £288 a year to its employees. If there is to be a workplace car parking levy the employers should pay it.

“GMB members feel completely justified in opposing having the cost of this tax passed on to them. GMB consider that it is an unfair tax on working people of Nottingham imposed by the City Council on employees of Imperial Tobacco. The City Council say they want to raise £14 million per year from this levy which is a simple straight forward tax on jobs whoever pays it.

GMB members feel it is outrageous that a company that makes £608 million profit won’t even consider paying this car parking levy. Particularly as 55 minutes worth of production would produce enough profit to pay the charge for all Imperial Tobacco’s employees.”

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