Bosses admit they expect more than 80,000 extra passengers a day during Olympic period but won’t pay bonuses


RMT members on South West Trains are to be balloted for industrial action after the company reneged on Olympics agreements and attempted to impose a new working regime.

This year’s pay agreement was accepted by staff following assurances it would be business as usual during the Olympic and Paralympic games. But now managers have admitted they expect as many as 80,000 extra passengers per day at Waterloo – and are prepared to give nothing to staff in return for working longer hours.

As a result RMT has declared a formal dispute and has begun preparations for a ballot for both strike action and action short of a strike.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “Other train operators, notably Heathrow Express this week, have negotiated agreements with RMT that recognise the added pressures of the Olympics.

“South West Trains have taken a different approach, reneging on earlier agreements and instead trying to bully staff into accepting enforced increases to working hours and workload with nothing in return.

“RMT will not stand by and watch while agreements and procedures are trampled in the dirt purely in the interests of profit as SWT exploit the games for their own benefit at our member’s expense. We remain available for talks aimed at resolving this dispute and the ball is now firmly in the companies court.”

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