NUS leader says many students and young people voted Lib Dem because of tuition fee opposition


The NUS has said Nick Clegg should make amends to students he betrayed when he broke his pledge to oppose tuition fees.

The Deputy Prime Minister last night made an excruciating apology for making – not breaking – the pledge, but student leaders say that is not enough.

NUS president Liam Burns said: “Nick Clegg should be apologising to voters for breaking his pledge, not for making it in the first place.”

“The Liberal Democrats’ commitment at the 2010 election was to abolish fees, a policy they’ve had for a decade. It’s what they said on the doorstep and in their leaflets, and every one of their MPs signed a pledge to back it up. It’s why many students and young people voted for the party.”

“Recent research from the Intergenerational Foundation shows £9,000 tuition fees could push public sector debt up by £100 billion over the next twenty years, so when Nick Clegg say there was no alternative to raising fees, the public have reason to doubt such low grade excuses.”

“It’s up to Nick Clegg now to reach out and apologise to those he betrayed by breaking his fees pledge and to make amends by changing his policies.”

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