NUT secures cash for members after Cornwall Council fails to consult

Tim Lezard


Cornwall CouncilTeachers in South West England have been awarded six weeks’ pay after their college was turned into an academy.

An employment tribunal ruled in favour of the 28 NUT members, finding Cornwall Council had failed to provide the necessary information to staff members when Pool Business and Enterprise College changed into Pool Academy Trust.

NUT South West regional secretary Andy Woolley said: “This is an important decision which sets a precedent which can be used in other cases and is a warning to all employers of teachers, whether they be local authorities, voluntary-aided or foundation schools, that they must consult properly prior to a school becoming an academy.

“It is essential that teachers are told how the change to academy status will affect their terms and conditions as there are a number of detrimental impacts on their terms and conditions.

“The NUT will be vigilant in protecting its members interests in such cases and this will start by ensuring that proper consultation takes place in all schools who would otherwise face similar penalties as Cornwall did on this occasion.  As the only teachers’ union with its own in-house solicitors we are able to act firmly and swiftly in legal matters of this nature.”

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