RMT members ballot for action over pay and conditions


RMT members working for Thales have voted by more than 95% over pay and conditions.

The dispute is over an attempt by the company to impose a 1% pay uplift from January on technicians and clerical staff, leaving RMT members with a de-facto pay cut and a reduction on their standard of living.

Thales is a contractor providing signalling technology to Network Rail.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “Our members at Thales have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action in a clear message to the company that they will not tolerate an assault on their standards of living.

“This massive French outfit generates revenues of over £10 billion and profits pushing on towards half a billion. With the boardroom awash with cash there is no excuse for imposing a de-facto pay cut on our members.

“This ballot result will now be considered by the RMT Executive and we remain available for meaningful talks with the company.”

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