Union’s leader says grieving relatives should never again live the nightmare of not knowing the truth


UNISON chief Dave Prentis has warned the lessons of Hillsborough must never be forgotten.

Welcoming the fact that at last the Hillsborough files have been released to give grieving relatives some relief, he said: “If there is one lesson that should be learnt from Hillsborough, it is that never again should grieving relatives be left to live the nightmare of not knowing the truth.

“It has been cruel and inhumane that they have had to fight to get the truth of what happened to their loved ones.

“We hope that releasing the files will ease their suffering and help to bring some closure. And there is now absolutely no excuse to delay further inquests into the remaining victims.

“The lessons from the release of the files must never be forgotten. Just as the events of that horrific day must never be allowed to happen again. The files reveal confusion and critical errors amongst officials which led to more lives being needlessly lost.”

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