Union calls on ban to ensure employees’ concerns are no longer sidelined


Unite is calling on Barclays Banks to involve trade union reps in the company’s ‘clean-up’ plans.

Barclays has promised a “root and branch review” after last week being fined £290m for attempting to manipulate the Libor inter-bank lending rate. Chairman Marcus Agius resigned this morning.

National office David Fleming said: “It is undeniable that we are witnessing the worst days that the UK’s financial services sector has experienced. The audit of the business practices within Barclays must include Unite staff representatives if it is to have any worth and to produce any findings for the future of the business. Not only has the industry failed to consider the interests of those they should be serving, the management of the bank has let down their hardworking front line staff.

“Unite is calling on Barclays to ensure that the concerns of employees are no longer sidelined. The daily business practices must be urgently overhauled for the sake of the long term success of the business.

“It must not be forgotten that there are two types of ‘bankers’ –  those at the top earning ridiculous salaries and bonuses and then those front line workers with low pay and unreasonable sales targets working hard to provide reasonable and efficient banking to their customers.”

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