NUJ member Jess Hurd welcomes statement after being assaulted and arrested covering UKUncut protest


Managers at Top Shop have apologised to a photographer who was assaulted, dragged through the company’s flagship store and arrested while covering a peaceful demonstration.

NUJ activist Jess Hurd was documenting the UK Uncut demo in Oxford Street in December last year when the incident took place. She was later de-arrested but banned from the store.

Following a meeting with management, Topshop has issued an apology. A statement from the company said: “We regret that Ms Hurd, as a member of the press, was caught up in the fray and detained by security, and we look forward to working with the NUJ to ensure our security contractors improve their procedures in future.”

Jess Hurd said: “It is very disappointing that no CCTV footage of the incident could be found, so my assailant cannot be identified, but I welcome the long awaited apology from Topshop and the lifting of my ban from the store.

“It is not acceptable that having identified myself as a professional journalist covering the protest in the store that I experienced being forcibly arrested and the humiliation of being dragged through Topshop with my clothes pulled up, exposing my upper body.

“We have the assurance that Top Sop owners Arcadia will work with the NUJ to ensure proper media training for their staff and communicate that message to all their contracted security firms to prevent a repetition of such behaviour in the future.”

NUJ legal officer Roy Mincoff said: “We welcome this apology, removal of the ban and the commitment of Arcadia Group to working with the NUJ to ensure its security contractors are aware of the special rights of the media in seeking to avoid any similar conduct  in future. They are aware the NUJ will hold them to account should there be further incidents, which we and Arcadia hope will not arise.”

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