CWU and Usdaw angry as government slashes Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme


Injured victims of crime will see their compensation payments slashed or withdrawn completely from today after the government introduced changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Unions had campaigned against the cuts since they were tabled by the government as part of a £50m saving.

Usdaw General Secretary John Hannett said: “It’s a disgraceful indictment of this government and those MPs who are happy to see seriously injured but innocent victims of crime lose out on payments from the scheme. These payments helped the victims replace lost wages and were a token acknowledgement from Government that victims deserve help after traumatic incidents.

“From today people who are seriously injured after an assault, who sustain injuries such as broken ribs or facial disfigurement will get nothing while even more seriously injured victims will see their compensation slashed by up to 60 per cent. Those most seriously injured will lose most from the drastic cuts to compensation for loss of earnings.  Surely this is not what most MPs came into politics for.

“Usdaw will continue to campaign against these cuts and to protect our members, many of whom live in fear of robbery or assault, and to give them the protection and support they deserve.”

CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said: “The government says they are tough on crime, but really they are tough on the victims of crime.  Victims who suffer both minor and serious injuries with life-changing consequences such as scarring, disfigurement and disability – not to mention the horror and rehabilitation – are being hung out to dry by the coalition.

“The government has wasted no time in fast-tracking these latest cuts into force. It now means that the victims of violent crime – such as muggings and dog attacks – who are unable to secure compensation through the courts or insurance companies will be left with nowhere to turn for help. Many others will only qualify for vastly reduced sums.

“Cutting CICS is one of the cruelest acts of this coalition government yet, taking compensation from the victims of crime who have nowhere else to turn when they are at their most vulnerable. A piece of society has died and the UK is a poorer place today as a result of these cuts.”

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