RMT members on the East Coast mainline and London Midland services take action today


Low-paid cleaners on the East Coast mainline and London Midland services are today on strike over pay.

The action by RMT members working for contractors ISS coincides with the first full day of TUC Congress in Brighton, and comes after they voted 98% for action against an employer that has offered no pay rise for three years. It follows rock solid action by ISS cleaners working out of London Midland’s Bletchley, Northampton and King’s Heath depots.

In both the East Coast and London Midland disputes ISS has chosen to ignore calls for a living wage for workers who play a key role in providing a safe and clean travelling environment for passengers and who are an essential part of the transport team.

Speaking at the TUC in Brighton RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “The rail cleaners strikes are at the cutting edge of the UK battle for pay justice against corporate greed and will draw support from across the labour movement.

“The scandal of low pay on two of the country’s busiest and most prestigious rail routes continues with ISS assuming that they can get away with exploiting workers who are key to delivering high quality services. ISS are plainly wrong and they now have a workforce that is organised, angry and determined to win this fight for pay justice.

“ISS boasts on its website about how fairly it treats its workers but their employees know only too well that it is a pack of lies. Behind the corporate claims is the sordid reality of effective pay cuts and attacks on standards of living being imposed year-on-year on cleaners already on rock-bottom rates.

“The rail companies East Coast and London Midland also have a moral responsibility to ensure that the people who work on their contracts area treated decently, and it is no good hiding behind the shabby excuse that cleaners’ pay is a matter for the contracting companies. We will be targeting ISS and the rail companies as we ramp up this fight for a living wage. RMT remains available for talks aimed at achieving a fair and just settlement to these disputes.”

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