RMT announces work to rule at Transport for London over Olympic bonus


RMT members working directly for Transport for London have announced plans to work to rule after it was revealed their bosses are line for a £560,000 Olympic bonus.

The union has successfully campaigned for many transport workers in the capital to receive a bonus of at least £500, but members working directly for TfL have missed out, despite the firm’s top seven staff receiving bonuses of £80,000 each.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The rank of hypocrisy of TfL managers, who stand to hit the bonus jackpot during the Olympics while offering their own directly employed staff virtually nothing, stinks like a sack of rotting fish.

“These TfL staff will be as busy as anybody else and the attempt to bullying them into bans on annual leave and unilateral changes to working conditions for virtually nothing in return is a disgrace.

“RMT remains available for talks and with Boris Johnson directly intervening in the bus dispute there is no excuse for him, as chair of TfL, not to get involved in settling this issue.”

RMT members will not book on for any duties after 9.30pm on July 1st, returning to duties after 9.30pm on July 2nd, and will work contracted time only from 7pm on July 8th to 7pm on July 15th.

* The RMT today announced it is planning strike action over Olympic bonuses at First Great Western and Greater Anglia trains

* Unite bus drivers are today striking over the same issue

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