Short video aims to keep up pressure on government to drop Beecroft proposals


The TUC has released a short film to highlight its campaign to protect employment rights.

Featuring removal men arriving in the office to pack up workers’ rights, the video links many of the issues involved, such as allowing employers to fire workers at will, and government plans to cut maternity rights and force workers to pay for their own employment tribunals.

The changes were proposed by Tory donor and venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft, who was forced to admit he had not done any research before coming up with his ideas.

Despite this, the plans have not been thrown out by the government, so the TUC is keeping up the pressure until they are scrapped.

A spokesperson said: “The more people who get the message that the government has a wider plan for our rights at work, the heard it will be for them when they try to introduce individual measures like the maternity rights cut.”

The film can be watched here. A view of the Beecroft Report from Thompson’s Solicitors can be found here.


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