NASUWT and SCP ask their members to vote ‘Yes’ over public sector pensions


Members of the NASUWT and the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists are balloting for strike action over pensions on November 30th.

The unions joins 12 others in balloting for action. Five unions – ATL, NUT, PCS, USU and UNISON – have already balloted and are making plans to strike on what is expected to be the biggest day of industrial action in a generation.

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said: “The decision to ballot has not been taken lightly. It is a response to the deep concerns and anger members have conveyed to us about excessive workload, unjust proposals on pensions, rapidly worsening pay and conditions of service and increasing job loss.

“The NASUWT has not rushed to ballot and has over the last year sought to engage with the government. Regrettably, ministers have ploughed on relentlessly with policies and plans which have taken their toll on morale and motivation, making it increasingly difficult for teachers to continue to do their best for children and young people.

“Over half of teachers now report that they have seriously considered quitting teaching altogether in the last 12 months. Only the recession is preventing a mass exodus.

“The government has created a crisis in education and the result is that pupils, teachers and the quality of education are all suffering.

“NASUWT members are being asked to vote yes in the ballot to stand up for standards.”

A statement on the SCP website said: “Government proposals to reform the NHS pension scheme will mean nearly all podiatrists in the NHS will pay more, work longer and get a pension that will be worth less.

“This is not because your NHS pension is unaffordable, or even because people are living longer. It’s to pay for the government’s deficit reduction programme. These proposals are set to save billions of pounds and members will see there pay reduced substantially as higher contributions start from April next year.

“Podiatrists in the NHS will have to work longer, for some members currently working; you will have to work up to the age of 68 if you want to receive your full pension. When you do retire your pension will be worth less as its value has been cut by around 15% due to the government’s change in the way inflation is measured from RPI to CPI. The sweeping away of the final salary method of calculating pensions and replaced by a career average scheme will see even more erosion to your pension in payment.

“The SCP has tried to negotiate in good faith for secure and affordable pensions, but ministers have not responded. In five meetings with government ministers we are no further forward than when we started back in June. Podiatrists working in the public sector like you have already had your pay frozen, and it is likely to be frozen next year as well, while inflation continues to soar.

“That is why we are asking you reluctantly to vote ‘Yes’ to strike action on November 30th to protect your pension.”

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