Officials say they remain ‘strongly opposed’ to plans to increase retirement age to 68


Members of UCATT have voted in favour of the proposals for the new, career-average pension scheme for council workers in England and Wales.

79% of those balloted accepted the new proposals, which are due to come into effect in 2014.

Members of the GMB and the probation officers’ union, Napo, have already voted to accept the plans.

Government cuts to pensions were contested by hundreds of thousands of public sector workers who took part in the 30 November 2011 strike.

The results of ballots among members of UNISON and Unite are due tomorrow.

Unions say months of negotiations over Coalition plans to reform the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and other pensions across the public sector have secured what supporters say are major changes to the Treasury’s original proposed changes.

Steve Murphy, general secretary of UCATT, said: “The new pension scheme is an improvement on the Government’s original proposals. UCATT members have recognised that and have endorsed it.

”UCATT is strongly opposed to the decision to link the LGPS retirement age to the state retirement age, which is set to increase to 68.

“This is of particular concern for construction and maintenance workers who undertake physically demanding roles and who are already often forced to retire early due to injury and ill health.

“UCATT is campaigning alongside the TUC and other unions to oppose increases in the state retirement age.”

Unions representing workers in the civil service and education have still not agreed to government plans to change pension provisions and to increase the retirement age.

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